restaurang kinna i västra götaland

Restaurant in Kinna

 Welcome to experience our kitchen!

For us, food is personal – it's love and craftsmanship. Sitting down at our table is a joyful experience, and we have fun preparing our meals. We take great care and pride in producing, cooking, and presenting our dishes for you as a guest.

Under the guidance of head chef Emma Fyman Andreasson, we work with carefully selected ingredients. We strive for ecological awareness and collaborate with nearby suppliers. Our menus are dynamic and change according to the season and the availability of ingredients. We place great importance on the creative process of refining the ingredients to provide you with the experience of locally produced and seasonal food throughout the year. As a guest, you can be confident that what is served at Två Skyttlar in Kinna is prepared with care from scratch in our kitchen. We call it "härgjort" (locally made), and it applies to both the food and our delicious pastries.

Locally produced and locally grown are the core of our culinary creation. Together with our gardener, we plan what we want in our kitchen gardens. These are then nourished by our food waste, which we have transformed into compost using Bokashi. As we harvest, we create our menus. From our soil to your table – locally grown!

We also actively work to reduce food waste. It requires careful planning, and we constantly seek ways to transform and adapt ingredients to utilize as much of them as possible. An example of this is our "svinnlimpa" (waste bread) baked from leftover bread that was previously discarded. Now, it's an appreciated loaf served in our restaurant in Kinna.



Opening hours

Monday-friday 07.00-09.00
Saturday-sunday 08.00-10.00
Monday-friday 12.00-13.00
Monday-saturday 18.00-21.00


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