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What is a weekend at Två Skyttlar?

What is a weekend at Två Skyttlar?

It naturally depends on what you're looking for, but we have something for most preferences.

Take a walk in the forest, enjoy the tranquility and stillness of the beautiful nature surrounding us. Breathe out and listen to the silence for a moment. Perhaps you're interested in a workout at our unique outdoor gym? Here, the focus is on functional training that you can benefit from in your everyday life. Do you want to hike in the woods? There are nice trails to follow, both short and long, all around us. If you're up for an alternative way to get around, both kayaking and horseback riding are available. Paddle out on Öresjön on a mirror-calm morning or experience the enchanting forest from horseback.

Relaxation is also available down by the lake; enjoy the warm hot tub, break a sweat in the lake sauna, or perhaps take a refreshing dip in the lake? After a day full of impressions, conclude with an atmospheric dinner in our beautiful turn-of-the-century dining room. Here, we promise you a dining and drinking experience beyond the ordinary. The next day, you can sleep in if you want, or simply enjoy our delightful breakfast buffet for hours. This is a weekend at Två Skyttlar - warmly welcome!


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